It’s alive and babbling on

Holy moly, I think my last post was in 1907. And what’s sad is that that’s not even a hyperbole. I guess it’s just been so extremely busy, to say the least, and when some free time presents itself, I do what makes me feel most free and relaxed, i.e. things like: Surf my behind off. Spend ‘doing-absolutely-nothing’ time with my husband. Cuddle our fluffeh animals. Drink wine (which obv disables me from writing anything that makes any sense whatsoever). Ok, so basically, in my free time, I have perfected the act of BEING A LAZY HELL. *except for the surfing*

So tonight I thought about one of my dearest friends who lives about 800 kms too far away from me, how I wish she was closer and how badly it sucks that most of the good ones always have to move away. (And as you must have concluded by now, around about the same time I spotted my WordPress App hiding away from me on my iPhone desktop).

That made me think about how people always say that the strength and status of good friendships shouldn’t be a function of distance, or of time spent apart. Friendships should be independent of all that and every time you see each other, even if it’s after 600 years, it should automatically be like old times, like nothing has changed, right?
Now, I agree with the theory, but only to a limited extent. That will be true, and is true for me too, in cases where neither of the parties have changed significantly in the time that has gone by. Or where both people have changed, but in the same way, grown in the same direction or to the same extent.
But sadly (well, very sadly), we all change from time to time, but in different ways. The change itself is not what’s sad, obviously. The shitty part comes in with the fact that people simply grow apart, due to it. Due to the differences in change and rates of change. And then it’s not like old times, no matter how hard you try and/or how badly you wish for it. And those once precious friendships just can’t be what they used to be.

Some people change for the good and others not, but I guess that is just based on opinion; based on your perception of what makes up a good person/friend, and what doesn’t.
So no, it’s not always just a case of ‘let’s take off where we left it, homie’. Sucks balls by the way, if I haven’t mentioned that yet.

Thank goodness though, in many cases, you can just start off a conversation with, “So my ass has been swell, how’s yours doing?” And you’ll be greeted by a huge hug and a laugh, and probably also something like “You should see it, it’s actually even sexier than it used to be!” And it’s just SO good to be together again.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, here’s to those friendships, what would we do without them? And also, sorry if none of this made any sense because oops -you guessed it- some wine did manage to make it into my system tonight 😉


Our fat cat, the dog.

Our kitty is a weird one. To be more specific, one with an identity crisis. I’m sure he has seen himself in the mirror a hundred times, but somehow he still seems to think that he is a tail-waggin’ dogster. Obviously he still does a lot of things you would expect from a cat (like cute-paw-attacking your foot – or face – when you least expect it, or rubbing himself up against your leg over and over until you eventually develop a rash, or kneading on your chest till he draws blood), but he also has a lot of non-kitty tricks up his uhm…furry paw. Oh but wait, he just jumped into a random box in our living room. I almost forgot, when he sees a box he’s like, “Hey, step away human, this no longer belongs to you, mine!

Anyhoo, firstly, he slobbers. While cuddling his ass off in bed with us, every morning. It’s part of his daily routine. You know, get into bed, find a warm armpit, knead and purr like a crazy mofo, and of course, slobber. And there’s doggy amounts of it. Not always cool, but oh well.

Then, when you call him (like this, in a high pitched voice, “Guuuuuuuuuuuundiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!”), he runs, no, sorry, projectiles towards you like the crazy cute bitch that he is. Pretty much like, yes, you guessed it, a dog. And then he rubs up against you and purrs some more and makes kitty noises.

Have you ever succeeded in rubbing a kitty’s tummy without it gashing the living crap out of you? Yes, usually they are not very fond of the whole tummy touching idea. Which is sad because what is more irresistible than a fat fluffball tummy? Thank goodness Gundi is a huge fan of the tum scratches. Well, he loves ear and neck and back and head and everything scratches really. And even if he didn’t like it I wouldn’t be able to resist the belly fluff and would probably be known as ‘the cutter’ at work.

So there, kitties are not all stuck up or snobs with bad attitudes and whatever else people say about them. Just pick the one that purrs like a mofo and cuddles its wet little nose into your neck when you hold it for the first time. Chances are, you’ll end up with a cat-dog kind of animal… If you will, a doggy with a flair of independence and an extraordinary amount of fluff. To rub your face in and shit. What kind? The best kind.

cute kitty

Black cat

Crazy kitty

Black cat

Do I have fluff in my ear?

Black cat

Good morning

naughty cat

I need some more sleep mom

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (2)

Before this week’s Photo Challenge changes from Change to something else, I thought it would make sense to just mention that I’m Changing my blog’s name. I feel it an appropriate time to spruce it up because I have gone from being Single to Married, from van der Merwe to Rowling (yes, probably from the most common surname in SA to one of the least common) and from being a Miss to a Misses. Ok, and also because nobody can ever remember “enandablog” and I always get the question, “What is your blog’s name again??”

So at the moment I still suck balls at being a Mrs. By no means do I think I am a bad wifey (well, let’s hope not), but I still get the whole Mrs thing wrong whenever filling in forms, and when someone says “Hi Mrs Rowling!”, I’m like, “Who the hell is that and what have you been smoking??”. So to bang it into my head a little deeper, I’m going to have this whole Misses thing in my blog name too.

Can you guess what it’s going to be, canyou canyou?? Well, there’s one very obvious clue in this post (except for the fact that you already know that it has the word ‘Mrs’ thrown in somewhere – yes, another clue), so I almost want to say if you guess it wrong you’re a moron, but I’ll never say that, cause that’ll just be mean.

Anyway, so far I just love being a Mrs and this pic does a swell job of depicting how I feel about that husband of mine:


Here’s to being happily married and hopefully, feeling the same in 50 million years from now 😉

Yours faithfully, the Misses*

Ps. Who guessed it right?? 😉

Going on Honeymoon? Go Here, just do it!

So, where do I start? Obviously you should add Mauritius to your Places To Visit list. You ask Why? Don’t, because that is just a weird question to ask, which in turn makes you weird, as the question should really be, Why Not? Yes friends, Mauritius is that awesome.

1. If you live in South Africa, you are just weird (yes, again) if you’ve never even considered it. While there, it feels like you’re worlds away from SA, but it’s a mere 4 hour flight from us. Yes, you watch a few episodes of Modern Family, followed by a movie and just as you get to the best part of the movie, bam, the plane hits the runway again. And you actually find yourself wishing that the flight was 30 minutes longer so you could know whether or not Will Ferrell won The Campaign or not. (Also whether or not he accidentally punched any more babies, or dogs, in the face. I know it sounds pretty horrible, but come on, it’s a Will movie)

2. The food, oh, the food. When dining in Mauritius, dribbles of drool will take over your general chin-area three times a day. Without fail. Of course this is followed by your eyes glassing over and you find it hard to talk because your mouth is being overrun by saliva. And all of these symptoms hit you even before tucking in, obviously. After the spectacular meal, you find yourself rolling back to your room, instead of the conventional way of ‘transport’, which is walking. Sometimes the thought of asking for a wheelchair enters your mind as you stuff your face with yet another forkful of lasagne, because even the idea of rolling to your room seems highly unlikely. Well. U get the idea. ‘Tis guuuuud.

3. The people are so friendly and helpful. They want to serve you and they want to help you. Without asking you for a tip of R 75357632774, ever. The majority of them don’t even want to be tipped. It’s not a ‘thing’ there like it is here. They take pride in their work and for them, that is enough.

4. Is it Maldives/Seychelles-beautiful beautiful? Yesssss, it certainly is.

5. Although it’s easy to just veg on the beach all day every day with great food and drinks, there’s a lot of shit to do there. We hired a car every second day, got a map from reception and just went on missions up and down the coast. You do get lost sometimes but it’s really not a biggie. The island is only about 80 kilometers in diameter, so eventually you’ll end up driving into the sea somewhere on the other side. You’ll then of course realize that you’ve lost the plot somewhere and you need to turn around. If you can tow the car out of the ocean, that is. They have the best snorkelling (especially since the visibility is about 500 000 km), horse riding, kayaking, wind surfing, the works.

6. There are waves. Albeit reef breaks, which are a bit of a hell to me, there’s nothing like riding a wave that’s so damn clear that you can see the rest of the lineup through the wall of the wave. The magnificent mountains form the other half of your view – it must be one of the most beautiful surfing venues, ever. I did get my first reef “kiss”, on my right thigh (it’s sort of inevitable if you ride the wave for way too long and you end up on reef that’s 2 centimeters deep), but it was worth it.

So id est, if you’re amped for lots of cocktails, water sports, long walks on the beach, friendly people and beautiful freakin everything, stop being a retard and go and Do It!

Ps. If you know who won the campaign in The Campaign, please feel free to spill!

IMG_0505 IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0661 IMG_0935 IMG_0970 IMG_0972 IMG_0993

Interacting with lions

Interacting with lions

Mauritius sunset

Mauritius sunset

Bluebay Mauritius

Bluebay Mauritius