Our fat cat, the dog.

Our kitty is a weird one. To be more specific, one with an identity crisis. I’m sure he has seen himself in the mirror a hundred times, but somehow he still seems to think that he is a tail-waggin’ dogster. Obviously he still does a lot of things you would expect from a cat (like cute-paw-attacking your foot – or face – when you least expect it, or rubbing himself up against your leg over and over until you eventually develop a rash, or kneading on your chest till he draws blood), but he also has a lot of non-kitty tricks up his uhm…furry paw. Oh but wait, he just jumped into a random box in our living room. I almost forgot, when he sees a box he’s like, “Hey, step away human, this no longer belongs to you, mine!

Anyhoo, firstly, he slobbers. While cuddling his ass off in bed with us, every morning. It’s part of his daily routine. You know, get into bed, find a warm armpit, knead and purr like a crazy mofo, and of course, slobber. And there’s doggy amounts of it. Not always cool, but oh well.

Then, when you call him (like this, in a high pitched voice, “Guuuuuuuuuuuundiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!”), he runs, no, sorry, projectiles towards you like the crazy cute bitch that he is. Pretty much like, yes, you guessed it, a dog. And then he rubs up against you and purrs some more and makes kitty noises.

Have you ever succeeded in rubbing a kitty’s tummy without it gashing the living crap out of you? Yes, usually they are not very fond of the whole tummy touching idea. Which is sad because what is more irresistible than a fat fluffball tummy? Thank goodness Gundi is a huge fan of the tum scratches. Well, he loves ear and neck and back and head and everything scratches really. And even if he didn’t like it I wouldn’t be able to resist the belly fluff and would probably be known as ‘the cutter’ at work.

So there, kitties are not all stuck up or snobs with bad attitudes and whatever else people say about them. Just pick the one that purrs like a mofo and cuddles its wet little nose into your neck when you hold it for the first time. Chances are, you’ll end up with a cat-dog kind of animal… If you will, a doggy with a flair of independence and an extraordinary amount of fluff. To rub your face in and shit. What kind? The best kind.

cute kitty

Black cat

Crazy kitty

Black cat

Do I have fluff in my ear?

Black cat

Good morning

naughty cat

I need some more sleep mom


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