Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This is my 1st Weekly Photo Challenge post, and I was quite happy to see that the topic is Change, because that is exactly what I have been slapped with, in the face, stomach and ass, repeatedly, for the last 2 years.

Here’s a clue as to some of the change I have been experiencing:


I have swopped shopping centers and heels for beach sand and bare feet, indoor fluorescent lighting for sunshine, a pale complexion for a tanned one and blow waved hair for ocean-breeze dried hair (filled with sand and sea salts).

Gym sessions were replaced by surf sessions. (Thank efff for that. I can’t begin to explain how far surfing beats gym’s ass when it comes to actually enjoying yourself.)

Partying until 3am has been replaced by good food and wine, getting into bed at a decent hour and then getting up early the next day to catch the waves at their best (and no, this doesn’t mean that we are like old, sad people now. It is awesome).

I have gone from living in jeans and going to the beach in sweatpants, to living in shorts, and braving bikinis. Feeling good in your own skin (well, basically not giving a shit about what others think) is so fantastically liberating.


Where toasting a piece of bread used to pretty much cover my food-making skills, I’ve heard that I can now dish up a meal worthy of Master Chef status. Yes, I might’ve just done a little air punch there. Also, cooking is fun. Who would’ve known??

The number one change? Being in a healthy and happy relationship and getting married to my soulmate (our one month anniversary is coming up in 3 days hehe). Now, I’m going to skip the part where I go on about how amazing he is and where you end up gagging, because I have obviously already done quite a few posts about him.
So I guess that’s all folks. Change can be very sweet. All in all, everything has turned out darn good. Except for the mosquitos. Them bitches have decided to start chomping me now. After leaving me in peace for the first 27 years of my life. Bastards.


One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. Di Mossies kan nou lekker “byt” kry aan daai lean machine lyf! Jy was nog alyd lief vir kamp en see, so its not so far removed from what I remember. Di Tukkies ding het j bitji ge”de-beach” hehe! Di kos ding… We’ll DIT is di grootste “what t bffff!”,@#!! Di diep donker gat van di kombuis met net n ketel wat kook.. Het nou n LIG gekry wat werk en geure wat se: I’m here Masterchef! Look Out! Haha! Mal daaroor!xxx

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