The 7 month Panic and some sweet bridesmaids dresses

The 7 month mark has wet-fish face-slapped me. Everybody gets to a point in the Run Up to the Wedding where a mild panic sets in. Nothing serious you know, just enough for you to really dig into those last bits of nails that u have left (“stompies”, if you will) and to start making […]

Save-the-Date Madness

I have been working on our DIY Save-the-Date for about 300 years now. OK, that’s a lie, and a very obvious one at that. It’s been like, 4 days, but gauging by the hostile feelings my back and neck have towards me at this stage, it feels like it’s been decades! I am permanently clicking the […]

Here’s to a wonderful wedding photographer

Doing 22 km. 22 k. TWENTY TWO kilometers. Obviously fine when doing it in a car, definitely do-able on a mountain bike. Hell, I’ll even attempt it on one of those little kiddy 2-wheel scooter things or a skateboard (OK, maybe not on a skateboard). Jogging it, on the other hand? Well, you have to […]