Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (2)

Before this week’s Photo Challenge changes from Change to something else, I thought it would make sense to just mention that I’m Changing my blog’s name. I feel it an appropriate time to spruce it up because I have gone from being Single to Married, from van der Merwe to Rowling (yes, probably from the most common surname in SA to one of the least common) and from being a Miss to a Misses. Ok, and also because nobody can ever remember “enandablog” and I always get the question, “What is your blog’s name again??”

So at the moment I still suck balls at being a Mrs. By no means do I think I am a bad wifey (well, let’s hope not), but I still get the whole Mrs thing wrong whenever filling in forms, and when someone says “Hi Mrs Rowling!”, I’m like, “Who the hell is that and what have you been smoking??”. So to bang it into my head a little deeper, I’m going to have this whole Misses thing in my blog name too.

Can you guess what it’s going to be, canyou canyou?? Well, there’s one very obvious clue in this post (except for the fact that you already know that it has the word ‘Mrs’ thrown in somewhere – yes, another clue), so I almost want to say if you guess it wrong you’re a moron, but I’ll never say that, cause that’ll just be mean.

Anyway, so far I just love being a Mrs and this pic does a swell job of depicting how I feel about that husband of mine:


Here’s to being happily married and hopefully, feeling the same in 50 million years from now 😉

Yours faithfully, the Misses*

Ps. Who guessed it right?? 😉


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