It’s alive and babbling on

Holy moly, I think my last post was in 1907. And what’s sad is that that’s not even a hyperbole. I guess it’s just been so extremely busy, to say the least, and when some free time presents itself, I do what makes me feel most free and relaxed, i.e. things like: Surf my behind off. Spend ‘doing-absolutely-nothing’ time with my husband. Cuddle our fluffeh animals. Drink wine (which obv disables me from writing anything that makes any sense whatsoever). Ok, so basically, in my free time, I have perfected the act of BEING A LAZY HELL. *except for the surfing*

So tonight I thought about one of my dearest friends who lives about 800 kms too far away from me, how I wish she was closer and how badly it sucks that most of the good ones always have to move away. (And as you must have concluded by now, around about the same time I spotted my WordPress App hiding away from me on my iPhone desktop).

That made me think about how people always say that the strength and status of good friendships shouldn’t be a function of distance, or of time spent apart. Friendships should be independent of all that and every time you see each other, even if it’s after 600 years, it should automatically be like old times, like nothing has changed, right?
Now, I agree with the theory, but only to a limited extent. That will be true, and is true for me too, in cases where neither of the parties have changed significantly in the time that has gone by. Or where both people have changed, but in the same way, grown in the same direction or to the same extent.
But sadly (well, very sadly), we all change from time to time, but in different ways. The change itself is not what’s sad, obviously. The shitty part comes in with the fact that people simply grow apart, due to it. Due to the differences in change and rates of change. And then it’s not like old times, no matter how hard you try and/or how badly you wish for it. And those once precious friendships just can’t be what they used to be.

Some people change for the good and others not, but I guess that is just based on opinion; based on your perception of what makes up a good person/friend, and what doesn’t.
So no, it’s not always just a case of ‘let’s take off where we left it, homie’. Sucks balls by the way, if I haven’t mentioned that yet.

Thank goodness though, in many cases, you can just start off a conversation with, “So my ass has been swell, how’s yours doing?” And you’ll be greeted by a huge hug and a laugh, and probably also something like “You should see it, it’s actually even sexier than it used to be!” And it’s just SO good to be together again.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, here’s to those friendships, what would we do without them? And also, sorry if none of this made any sense because oops -you guessed it- some wine did manage to make it into my system tonight 😉


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