Going on Honeymoon? Go Here, just do it!

So, where do I start? Obviously you should add Mauritius to your Places To Visit list. You ask Why? Don’t, because that is just a weird question to ask, which in turn makes you weird, as the question should really be, Why Not? Yes friends, Mauritius is that awesome. 1. If you live in South […]

Almost invites time… hey, what?

Please, if you are reading this and you know of any websites with original/unique/non-puke-inducing suggestions for wedding invite wording, fling them my way! Seriously, what is it with the invite wording, why does it have to be so horrible most of the time? Do you want to make your guests cry? No? Then just stop […]

Ticking Boxes. Left, right & centre.

“Oh my hat, I’m going to end up wearing a hat at my wedding. And I don’t even like them, in any way! After wearing a hat for more than 3 seconds I turn into something that could easily resemble a flea-scratching monkey.” Ok, so I’m not going to be wearing a hat afterall, so […]