Our purring Lieverd

Our kitty is a purring machine. When she decides to join us in bed for a cuddle in the early hours of the morning (after sulking under the table for a few hours and pretending not to care about the amazing comfort and warmth of our bed – cats are weird that way), it literally feels like a bag of vibrating cellphones has been thrown onto the bed. OK maybe not thrown since she weighs basically nothing and is very delicate. Maybe ‘floated softly’ onto the bed. Nothing wrong with a full body massage every morning I guess! Only problem is that the massage comes with very determined purring at about 85 decibels (which is the industry limit for earplugs by the way) and a compulsory head/ear/body scratch for her, which is the only chance I have of stopping the purring and falling asleep again!

Anyway I’m writing this post quickly while I’m supposed to be working, I’m working in Durban for the day. The guys are doing boring automation engineering stuff so I’ve used the chance for a quick write. I’ll post some pics of our awesome kitty later. Her name is Kiera but I think I’ve actually called her that a total of -5 times. To me she is Bambino (Spanish?) or Liefietjie (Afrikaans) or Lieverd (Dutch) πŸ™‚


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